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History of Ronci Bakery 1914 Ronci Romeo, following his instinct, moved from San Vito Romano to Anzio, and believing in his organizational capabilities, gave birth to a small commercial activity “Panificio” (Bakery).
So Ronci Bakery was born. In the previous activity, he had the possibility to grow wiser the convinction it would be rewarding to concentrate the attention exclusively on bread-making, in fact the first success immediately arrived.
During the war the activity was interrupted because the building was completely bombed by the American Army. In 1945, thanks to the liberalization of food products, he retook his own activity with renewed energy with the help of Cesira, his wife.
In that period the products were sold both in his own shop and delivered to other food shops. There wasn’t only bread-making, considering at the time ovens didn’t exist in homes but in some special occasions, in the activity you could find different kinds of food: cakes, chicken with potatoes, Simnel cakes and everything changed into a big party.
In few years in 1955, Armando, the only male heir of the family, made part of the company.
Since he was a child he showed a particular interest in bread-making, and after some years he started to modify slowly the whole working cycle, starting with deleting external supplies and pointing at purchase in his own shop.
Day by day the knowledge about his job matured and he started finding the perfection of the finished product paying attention to the quality of ingredients and to technology being careful to innovations in the field.
This productive system was inherited by his son “Romeo”, who took over the activity in 2003.
He immediately adopted the teachings given by his father and after two years started a new cycle.
With the help of his wife Silvia, they decided to restore the whole system: from the furnishing to the purchase, the improve of leavening chambers to refine the working cycle and they finally decided to come back to the past with the SOURDOUGH bread production.
In Ronci Bakery nowadays we don’t produce just bread but many other delicacies: as wine donuts (the original recipe of Grandama Cesira), Simnel cakes (the original recipe of Grandama Cesira), and thousands of products with the same principles which have characterized us for a century. In Ronci Bakery we produce with the same criterias, in a continuous research of qualified ingredients, in the perfection of the finished product and with the experience matured from generation to generation with the support of the best technologies.