Welcome to the website
The privacy of each user is very important for us, and for this reason is guaranteed 100%.
1. Our company doesn’t sell, send or share any personal datas to external subjects;
2. Personal datas are protected with the best technological means;
3. Sensitive datas are used exclusively to fulfil an order and to offer the customer the best service.

Hereafter we explain the details of the privacy policy in use. For further information or for any questions contact Dolci Ronci to the email address or by phone to

Collection of personal information
Dolci Ronci collects information about his customers through:
1. Registration form, necessary to have access to the information for shipping, and to deliver orders;
2. The “log” of online services, which register the web surfing and are collected for security reasons;
3. The receiver datas from emails sent to the customers who accepted to receive the newsletter, and the datas of the return emails of customers to give more information concerning the given orders;

“Cookies” management
Dolci Ronci uses “cookies” without due date to identify the customers who come to the site, to ameliorate more the web surfing on the site. It’s possible to delete the “cookie” following the procedure of the own browser.
More than the “cookie” without due date, Dolci Ronci can use temporary “cookies”, which allow to manage in the best way the user session while visiting the website.
Disabling the “cookies” in the browser, some functionalities can result compromitted.
Use of personal information
The personal information taken is used to process orders and to propose the customer a variety of articles of much interest, relating to statistical calculations or to the opinions of our customer service.
Everything in respect to the privacy of the customer.
Sharing personal datas with third parties.
Dolci Ronci doesn’t share the datas of his customers with third parties. Only for advertising or economic aims it’s possible to do statistics on customers which can be sent to third parties as residence or on the type of browser used by the customers.
Communication for advertising or statistics aims is done in percentage on the whole collectivity and doesn’t contain any specific detail of each customer as address or name.
Protection of personal information
Dolci Ronci invests periodically on new technologies and human resources to make the system safer and more reliable.
Access to personal information from the customers
The customer can modify his datas entering into his own profile on the page “my account”.
The customer can ask the complete elimination of the account sending an email to asking the intention to delete his own account. Deleting the account means the inability to do other orders in the future for which a new registration will be necessary.
The datas received from the logs-in and emails aren’t accessible to customers and can’t be deleted for technical reasons and security, in fact Dolci Ronci must be able to provide all possible information to the competent authorities, in case of specific request.
Processing of personal information
Personal and sensible datas are processed with respect to the Italian privacy law.
The website is of Ronci Bakery’s property situated in Anzio (RM) and as controller, it has all access to datas, in the complete respect of privacy politics indicated above.